Welcome to the Canton Harvester Inn

Welcome to the brand new Canton Harvester Inn in downtown Canton, Illinois. Canton is a vibrant city experiencing a wave of revitalization and at the center of the excitement is a four-story luxury boutique hotel. Our innovative inn boasts American made materials and furnishings keeping in concert with the all-American spirit of the town of Canton.


The Canton Harvester Inn, designed in an 1880s style pays homage to Canton’s turn of the last century architecture. The limestone and brick structure has four floors of rooms that all face the center of the building—each opening to the floor below to add light to the interior as well as an airy and open atrium. This unique boutique hotel provides an additional 32 rooms of lodging.


Whether you are here on business, visiting with friends and family, staying for the Friendship Festival or taking a break from the Spoon River Scenic Drive, make yourself at home in Canton at the Harvester Inn.